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Don't Leave Home Without These Disneyland Tips!


My Disneyland tips will make your trip MORE fun by letting you spend LESS: less time in line, less energy on cranky children, less money on frustrating things like bad food, and less effort figuring out which rides to go on and when.

They save me time, money and aggravation so that each trip to Disneyland is the best.  I hope they work for you too!

Disneyland Tips and Tricks for Your BEST Trip to Disneyland

You'll also find fun facts like how to get special attention on your birthday, why it seems to take longer to enter Disneyland than to leave, how Disneyland keeps its rodent population under control (meow!), and so much more. Come in and look around!

What people are saying about

Carrie from Utah: "I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! We are getting ready to brave The Big D next week with 3 kiddos (one of which is a toddler) and the Grandparents. I had my notepad on hand for a preparatory shopping trip and will soon draft my list for packing. Your tips are SO incredibly helpful! Will let you know how our trip went! Thanks again!"

David from Mesa, AZ: "This was absolutely the best and most helpful website. All of the key information logically organized and presented. Very effective. THANKS!"

Lisa from Jersey City, NJ: "I'm so glad to have discovered your site! ... I've been searching on the Web and in bookstores for months for travel tips on Disneyland, and yours is the first place to give me more than the standard PR lines."

Cindy: "I cannot begin to thank you for your site. It made a huge difference in planning and anticipation of our trip. Your site is definitely a 'Favorite.'"

Sheri (no location): "I just wanted to thank you for this website. I perused MANY before I ran across this one, and I found it very helpful. We are somewhat seasoned Disneyland travelers but were happy to learn some things we did not know. We had a wonderful, magical time, and your suggestions were great. Thank you for sharing!"

Will from California: "Thanks for having this site, it was super helpful. The stuff about the lines is really true-- lines 13, 20, and 21 do move faster for some reason."

Heather from Chico, California: "Thank you so much for this website. I have used it several times for good Disney info and have referred countless people to it. It seems you have taken the best info out there and compiled it into one page. Thank you for your efforts!"

Vanica (no location): "This was the most helpful site I've found that's not "officially" Disney, and I've been looking for months. Love the tips. Thanks!"

Cathy from Summerlin, Nevada: "Great Disneyland tips!  Just what I was hunting for!"

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Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoy my collection of Disneyland tips.  Did I miss some?  Send me your favorites!