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50 Weird Things You Can't Bring into Disneyland

Disneyland feels the need to officially tell you these items are not permitted into the park.  Why?  Presumably because people have tried, and even argued with Disneyland personnel who said, Uh hey buddy, where do you think you're going with that?

Some of these, I can see people not really knowing are frowned upon (wheelies, those shoes with the built-in wheels actually sound like a great idea to me, but apparently not to Disneyland).  Others lead me to believe common sense is dead (guns, drugs).  Above all, I just want to hear the story behind needing to include any of these on the list.  Dead people, really?

Fighting Family

So just to be perfectly clear, do not try entering The Happiest Place on Earth with...

1.  Guns

2.  Knives

3.  Billy clubs

4.  Brass knuckles

5.  Nunchucks

6.  Stars (as in Chinese throwing, not celebrities)

7.  Pepper spray

8.  Mace (the weapon, not the spice)

9.  Stun guns

10.  Handcuffs

11.  Zip ties


12.  Box cutters

13.  Razor blades

14.  Duct tape

15.  Wire

16.  Segways

17.  Skateboards

18.  Wagons

19.  Scooters (that actually sounds like a good idea, darn)

20.  Shoes with built-in wheels (Wheelies)

21.  Inline skates (Rollerblades)

22.  Bicycles

23.  Motorcycles

24.  Tricycles

25.  Unicycles  (Are you seeing a theme here?  Basically nothing with wheels except for strollers or wheelchairs.)

26.  Pogo sticks

27.  Laser pointers

28.  Slingshots

29.  Stink bombs

30.  Air horns

31.  Cremated remains (People like to scatter ashes in the Haunted Mansion.)

No costumes

32Costumes, including princess dresses, if you're 9 or older (unless it's to a separately ticketed event like Mickey's Halloween Party)

33.  Pots and pans

34.  Musical instruments (you have to be part of a Disneyland-approved band or school-santioned event)

35.  Megaphones (maybe before cell phones existed, people used these to find their friends?)

36Pets (Service animals are ok.  Your regular pets can stay in air-conditioned kennels outside the main entrance.)

37A picnic basket (You can bring as much food as you want but are not allowed to bring it in anything larger than 24"x15"x18".) 

38.  Alcoholic beverages (maybe not a "weird" item but still surprising to some)

39Any illegal substances (no not even if it's "medicinal")

40Water pistols (If you need to cool off, bring a spray bottle or water mister)

41.  Tattoos with bad words or lewd pictures

42.  Clothing with bad words or lewd pictures

43.  Clothing that is too ripped up or doesn't cover your ...self

Fire Extinguisher

44.  Frisbees

45.  Baseball bats

46.  Helmets

47.  Hockey sticks

48.  Golf clubs

49.  Bows and arrows

50.  Fire extinguishers

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