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6 Disneyland tips for the holidays
December 03, 2009
Hi Disneyland Fans!

Happy holidays to you! Interested in some tips for visiting Disneyland this Christmas? Read on:

  1. The park is all dressed up! They pulled out their decorations even earlier than usual this year. "Haunted Mansion" and "It's a Small World" are especially decked out for Christmas.
  2. Listen for Christmas songs where you're not expecting them, and other Christmas touches in the rides.
  3. Watch for "snowfall" after the fireworks.
  4. Many of the Disney characters walking around the park are dressed for the holidays.
  5. Yes the park is crowded but that's to be expected. Here's how to deal:
    • Repeat this mantra in your head: "The more the merrier."
    • Use FastPass.
    • Bring bottled water and snacks. I like the mini-bottles from Costco and small packs of nuts.
  6. Buy your tickets at and they'll send your tickets to you for free.

    Bonus Tip: Now is a good time to check out my other site. It's got tons of last minute gift ideas for Christmas, White Elephant parties, hostess gifts, and more! If you find it useful, please spread the word-- email your friends, bookmark it, post it to Facebook, tweet about it!

    It's called:

    Have a magical holiday season, wherever you spend it!


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