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Drinking Tour of Disney California Adventure Park:
Top 10 Drink Stops

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Need a drink?  By now you are probably aware that Disneyland is Dry.  In other words, you cannot buy alcohol in the park with the exception of Club 33, and you're probably not getting in there. 

What you might not know is that Disney California Adventure Park is basically one big cocktail party. Wine flights, frozen margaritas, car-themed beers... they've got something for everyone. 

Take this walking tour of the Best 10 Drink Stops in California Adventure, along with what to eat.

Note: Prices listed are as of February 2017.

1. Sangria at Smokejumper's Grill

Enter the park and stay right until you're in Grizzly Peak (formerly Condor Flats).  Walk into Smokejumper's Grill (formerly Taste Pilot's Grill) and get a festive glass of sangria ($7.50) to start your tour.  If you're hungry, all their burgers are good (beef, chicken, or veggie, $10.50-12.50).  Who doesn't appreciate a do-it-yourself burger fixin's bar

Thirsty again?  Walk back out the way you came, following the circle to the right.  Enter Carthay Circle Lounge.

2. Martini at Carthay Circle Lounge

The Carthay Circle Lounge, downstairs from the Carthay Circle restaurant, is an elegant bar with a small menu of chic appetizers.  It's so Old-Hollywood and lounge-y (in a good way) that you won't believe you're in a theme park.  Order a martini ($13) with a side of Vietnamese Twice-cooked Beef Tacos with fresh Pineapple Mint Salsa ($16).

When you leave, turn right into Hollywood Land.

3. Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale at Award Wieners

If the lounge was too high-end for you, you'll appreciate a beer ($8.50) and a Bacon Street Dog ($9) at Award Wieners.  But you'll have to appreciate it  standing up because Award Wieners is counter-service only.  And that's your only choice because it's the only alcohol in the neighborhood. Does anyone else find it ironic that you can't get a decent drink in Hollywood Land?    

So after your beer, go back the way you came and when you get to the circle, stay left.  Pass a Bug's Land, make a left at CarsLand, and go to the Cozy Cone Motel.

4. Vodka Pomegranate Limeade at Cozy Cone

The Cozy Cone area is a ton of fun.  Order a refreshing Skyy Vodka Pomegranate Limeade ($9) and pretzel bites with cheesy sauce ($5). For the under-21-ers in your group, get frozen lemonades ($5). 

Then cross the street.

5. Racer 5 IPA at Flo's V8 Cafe

Isn't this place amazing?  It's like you're really on Route 66 in Texas.  Get the Roast Beef & Cheddar Sandwich ($12) and a Racer 5 Pale Ale IPA ($8.50).  Kids can order up a milkshake topped with "road gravel" in a souvenir glass ($10). 
When you're done, hang a right out of Flo's and then make another right.  Follow this charming path until you appear in Pacific Wharf. 

6. Jackpot!  3 Choices at Pacific Wharf

  • Straight ahead: Frozen Margaritas ($8.75 with an extra splash of Grand Marnier) at Rita's Baja Blenders
  • On your right: Sapporo (Japanese beer, a bargain at $7.25) at Lucky Fortune Cookery with your Chicken Rice Bowl with Spicy Korean Sauce ($12)
  • On your left: Tecate ($7.25) at Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill with a Fajita Chicken Salad ($12.50)

How ya feeling?  Feeling good?  Get yourselves up and cross the bridge out of the Pacific Wharf and turn left.  Hang another very sharp left over another bridge into Paradise Pier toward Ariel's Grotto. 

Upstairs from Ariel's Grotto, enter the Cove Bar.

7. FunWheel at the Cove Bar

What a great place to take a break from your hectic vacation.  Sitting upstairs on the deck, especially at sunset, you'll feel like you're at the beach as you look over Paradise Bay and enjoy a Mickey's FunWheel ($12?) off their secret drink menu.  They are also known for their lobster nachos ($16).  You may never leave.

But get up!  Go out, make a right and walk walk walk!  Time to burn off some of those drinks.  Stroll along the boardwalk and watch the people gearing up to take off on California Screamin', play some games, inhale the scent of popcorn and cotton candy.  Pass the charming ferris wheel and carousel and... what's this?  More drinks? 

8. Prosecco at Bayside Brews

Bayside Brews has 6 beers on tap ($6.50-8.50) but I think it's time for a little bubbly.  Get the prosecco ($10.50) with a fresh-baked soft jalapeno cheese pretzel ($5).

9. Peroni at Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta

If I lost you at prosecco, here are more options for you: Across the street towards the left is Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta.  If you're in the mood for Italian, stop in for some pasta and a Peroni ($7). (Warning: Last time I was there they did not have Peroni anymore; not sure if that was a permanent decision.)  Or if you'd prefer a Max Beer ($7.50), get one next door at Paradise Garden Grill.  This place used to serve up some GREAT mediterranean food but I hear they changed up their menu for the Lunar New Year celebration.  Kalbi beef shortribs, pho noodle soup, and even a whole fish served family style.  It's supposed to be great!

But I digress-- I am supposed to be focusing on drinks here, not food.  So continue on toward Goofy's Sky School, past the Little Mermaid, and soon you will find yourself in Wine Country. 

10. Wine Tasting

I don't know how they do it but you really do feel like you've somehow walked straight from the boardwalk to Napa in 5 minutes.

  • Sonoma Terrace: Shady and quiet, they offer a really impressive selection of beer ($8-10), many with higher alcohol content, and a decent selection of wines for $8-13/glass.  Cheese plates for $12.
  • Mendocino Bar Wine Tasting: Fine wines by the glass ($8-16).
  • Wine Country Trattoria: This is a full-service restaurant serving lunch, dinner, and pre-fixe meals for the World of Color show.
  • Alfresco Lounge: Above the Wine Country Trattoria, this outdoor lounge is where you really get to "taste" wine.  Order a wine flight (samples of several wines, $18-25) and tap into your inner oenophile. Beer and cocktails available too.  If it's dark and you want a fun souvenir, order the Magical Star Cocktail.  It comes with an "ice cube" that changes colors.

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You drank it all.  From here, make a left and stumble out of California Adventure, onto your next party!

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