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Charging your phone is possible...but tricky.

by Jayger
(Las Vegas)

I found 2 places to charge my phone in Disneyland...
you have to be careful to make sure you don't get spotted.
1st- just outside of the Kodak store at the end of main street... there is a "hidden" power outlet on an outside wall. it right by the AWESOME Corn Dog stand. you might want to sit on the ground, leaning against the wall and obscuring the view of the outlet. I used this outlet many, many times without any problems.

2nd- there is a little pay phone hut in frontier land on the back side of Big Thunder Mtn, near Big Thunder ranch. if you look under the pay phones, there are power outlets hidden there.
Be careful with this one... I was spotted by a cast member but left before he reached me.


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