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FREE Tips: What a Disney Credit Card Gets You

Free stuff is hard to come by, especially at Disneyland.  A Disney credit card will actually save you money though.  Here's how and where to get one, plus a couple other ways to get free stuff on your trip ...

Disney credit card

How It Saves You Money

For anything you charge, you earn points called "Disney Dream Reward Dollars". These can be exchanged for a variety of things including:

  • Free DVDs and toys
  • Half-price stroller rentals
  • Discounts on hotels, restaurants, merchandise, and tours
  • Early access to special event tickets plus discounts on those tickets. For instance, you might get free invitations to preview a new Disney movie, you could get a private Meet ‘n Greet with the Disney characters, you might get first crack at buying Disney on Ice tickets... things like that. They change a little with the time.

Plus sometimes you get a $15 Disney Store gift card 4-6 weeks after your first charge card purchase. (US residents only.)  I say "sometimes" because that offer seems to come and go.  Check Chase's website for up-to-the-minute details.   

The credit card costs nothing, and you get 1 Disney dollar for every $100 you charge on anything, so these are basically free dollars you’re getting. That’s always nice. Plus, sometimes your points are worth double, triple or even more when you buy certain vacation packages and merchandise.

Where Can You Spend Your Disney Dollars?

Where do you get to spend these Disney Dollars? On Disney things of course. That means the Disneyland® Resort, Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney Cruise Line®, Disney Store, Disney and the Disney catalog.

So the way I see it, even if you don’t plan to charge anything, it’s still worth applying because there’s no annual fee and you’ll get the insider stuff.

Who Offers It?

Chase Bank offers a Disney Visa. (Chase used to be Bank One.) American Express and MasterCard do not offer a Disney credit card.

It has a 0% Introductory APR for up to 12 Months and no annual fee.

See the Chase Disney website for more info or to apply.

What other free stuff is there at Disneyland?

Even non-Disney credit card holders can enjoy these things:

  • Free balloons If you break a balloon or even just find a broken balloon on the ground, take it to any balloon vendor for a free replacement.
  • Free water from concession stands. Instead of soda, ask for a cup of water. It's free and it's better for you anyway. There are many better ways to ingest calories here than pop.
  • See more stuff on the Disneyland Discounts page.

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