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Disneyland Food Tips

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Good Food under $10 in Disneyland

Disneyland Food Tips

Disneyland Park food is expensive, yes.  But if you know what to order, it can be tasty, and it does not have to break the bank.

Naturally if you choose counter service over a sit-down restaurant, you will save money.  You can usually find a park bench somewhere and some places have picnic tables.  So here are my favorite walk-up-and-order places in Disneyland.

  • Jungle Skewers at Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland.  Several different kinds for about $4.
  • Corn Dogs at the Little Red Wagon Near Main Street.  Get a fantastic corn dog with chips or apples for about $9.
Disneyland Food TipsLittle Red Wagon Corn Dogs ROCK
  • Huge Slice of Pizza at Redd Rockett's Pizza Port in Tomorrowland.  Around $8.
  • Royal Street Veranda in New Orleans Square.  Get the Chowder in a Bread Bowl.
  • California Adventure.  They have tons of good (relatively) cheap food.  Maybe even more than Disneyland, in my opinion, between the CozyCone Motel and just about anywhere on the Boardwalk.  See my favorites.   

Good Food under $10 in Downtown Disney

Food Under $10 Downtown DisneyUh-Oa | Photo Credit:
  • Earl of Sandwich has hot or cold sandwiches and wraps.
  • Napolini's has pizza by the slice for like $5 and some really good paninis for not much more.
  • Jazz Kitchen Express has a lot of yummy southern stuff such as jambalaya, paninis, fried shrimp po-boys, and fried chicken platters.
  • La Brea Bakery Express has delicious sandwiches, foccacia, salads and calzones.  
  • Honorable Mention: Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar.  It's table-service (read: tip) and so tiny you probably won't be able to get in.  But it's got fantastic atmosphere, reasonably priced food, and wild drinks, some of which trigger odd events when you order them like the Uh-Oa, above. 

    Note: That brown powder in the 4 corners of the cup is cinnamon, which creates sparks when you flick it into the fire in the middle of the drink.  Is that a party or what?

Even Cheaper Food: 2 Options

Option #1: Bring your own food. Officially, you are supposed to store it in the lockers outside the Main Gate and eat it at the nearby picnic tables.

That being said, I hear of people bringing food into the park all the time with no problem.  They'll check your bags on your way in and won't allow picnic baskets or coolers, but a few snacks or drinks in a backpack should be fine.   

Option #2: Leave the park.  It's less convenient than eating inside Disneyland but you don't have to go far, and you'll save a ton.

For inexpensive food within walking distance of Disneyland (across the street, less than a mile away) go to:

  • Pizza Press (1534 S. Harbor)
  • McDonald's (1500 S. Harbor)
  • Quizno's (1534 S. Harbor)
  • Denny's (1610 S. Harbor)
  • IHOP (1560 S. Harbor)

BY the way: To print out coupons for a few of those places, see my Coupons page.

Disneyland Food TipsCostco: Hot dog & Soda for $1.50. Or a gigantic pizza for $10!
A quick drive away:
  • Taco Bell (1 mile: 1212 South Harbor Boulevard)
  • Subway (1.1 miles: 1770 S Harbor Blvd)
  • KFC (1.2 miles: 131 West Ball Rd.)
  • El Pollo Loco (1.4 miles: 110 West Ball Road)
  • Johnny Rockets (1.4 miles, 321 West Katella Avenue)
  • Jack in the Box (1.6 miles: 2210 S Harbor Blvd)
  • Wienerschnitzel (2.7 miles: 13011 Chapman Avenue)
  • Panda Express (2.8 miles: 2055 East Katella Avenue)
  • Pizza Hut (3.4 miles: 1796 South Euclid Street)
  • In-N-Out Burger (4 miles: 600 South Brookhurst St.)
  • Costco for $1.50 hot dog & drink deal (5 miles: 11000 Garden Grove Blvd.)
  • Sonic Drive In (5 miles: 1632 Lemon St.)
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