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Looking to Work at The Happiest Place on Earth?

This page is about getting a job at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA (not Disney World or Disney Cruises). By the way: Disneyland employees are called "cast members".

Disneyland Job

  • What kind of jobs are there? They're divided into 6 areas:
    1. Operations: Working the rides, custodial arts, guest services, cashiers, photographers, parking staff, and ticket takers.
    2. Hotel Staff: Front desk, reservations, housekeeping, etc.
    3. Food & Beverage: Dining cashiers, food preparation. This is separate from the Disney Culinary Program.
    4. Sales: Ticket sales, shop cashiers, travel agents
    5. Recreation: Show choreographers, costume maintenance, performers. For more information about this area see Disneyauditions.com.

  • Disney's Job Hotline is 1-800-766-0888.

  • The Casting Center (hiring office) is at 700 W. Ball, just north of Disneyland between Disneyland Drive and Harbor Blvd.

  • The Official Disney Employment site is here.

  • For Information on the Business Side of Disneyland, check out Disney College, designed for college undergraduates who are interested in Disney business operation.

  • To Email or Fax Your Resume, send to DL.Resort.Resumes@disney.com or fax 714-781-1620. Be sure and include a specific job title or field of interest.

  • Steve Martin's first job was at Disneyland. I'm told he worked at the Magic Store. Want to know other famous people who have a Disneyland job on their resumes?
    • Ron Ziegler (Richard Nixon's press secretary) worked on the Jungle Cruise
    • Actor Kevin Costner also drove a boat on the Jungle Cruise, and met his wife at Disneyland where she was Snow White
    • Actress Michelle Pfeiffer danced in the Main Street Parade
    • Actress Joanna Kerns (the mother on "Growing Pains") was a backup dancer at Disneyland

  • Cast members get 12 free tickets to give to family and friends. They also get free passes for themselves twice a year and on Christmas. The questions is: Would you spend your day off work... at work?

  • Walt Disney was fired from his job at a newspaper because he "lacked imagination". Before he got involved with films he was also involved in several unsuccessful businesses. Before his business career he was even an ambulance driver!

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