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Cost of gum at Target: $.65.
Cost of gum at Disneyland: Priceless. They don't sell gum at Disneyland.

Packing properly saves money because at vacation destinations, little things cost a lot. So using this packing list can save you big bucks.

Packing List


Baggies for transporting wet bathing suits or keeping your camera/cell phones dry on wet rides.

Battery operated personal fan

Bottle of wine & corkscrew

Bottled water to keep in your room and bring into the park in your backpack.

Bubbles Blow them to distract your kids while waiting in line.


Cell phone

Chargers for cell phones, cameras, etc.

Copy of e-Tickets

Disney DVDs to watch in the hotel at night

Dixie cups so you don't have to use the hotel glasses.

Earplugs if your child is sensitive to noise.

First aid kit including aspirin (child & adult), Bandaids, Neosporin

Gum because Disneyland doesn't sell it.

Hats that you can easily stash in backpacks on fast or wet rides.

Lip balm

Nightlight for your hotel room

Permanent marker to write identifying information directly on your childrens' arms

Prescription medications

Quiet activites such as card games and coloring

Reading material for downtime

Snacks for your Backpack like chewy granola bars (less breakage) and trail mix.

Snacks for your Hotel like gogurts (keep them in your hotel's mini fridge or freezer) and boxes of cereal.

Swim goggles to protect your kids' eyes from the high chlorine levels in the hotel pools.



Trash Bags for dirty laundry to keep your hotel room tidy.

Wet Wipes So many uses, for all ages. Unless you'll be using them for diaper changes, get the antibacterial ones. The park is germy.

Disneyland Packing Tips for CLOTHES

Obviously you'll want to consult the weather before your trip. No matter what the forecast though, always bring the following items of clothing in addition to whatever else you're packing:

Bathing suits in case your hotel has a pool/hot tub

Jeans or sweatpants

Socks Bring extras in case they get wet.

Shoes Comfortable ones for walking. Avoid flip flops because they can fly off on rides.

Sweatshirt because it gets chilly at night.

Other Helpful Packing Tips

  • Use duffel bags if you're traveling by car to maximize your trunk space.
  • Opt for dark colors when choosing clothing. Stains won't show as much.
  • Store important phone numbers in your cell phone such as hotel, nearby restaurants, lost & found, etc.
  • Skip packing hairdryers and irons. All the local hotel/motels have them.

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