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More Disneyland Trivia Tips

More Disneyland trivia tips I was surprised to learn...

  • In 1959, the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev wanted to go to Disneyland but wasn't allowed to. Apparently the LAPD thought it would be too risky. Khrushchev was not happy about it.
  • Splash Mountain has earned the nickname "Flash Mountain" because of women exposing themselves to the cameras in the ride. A camera snaps a photo of each log as it goes over the steepest waterfall, and some women think it's funny to whip up their tops while they say "Cheese". Cheesy!
Haunted Mansion Trivia
  • The Haunted Mansion is actually located outside of Disneyland. When you walk through the portrait hall on the way to the "stretching" room, you're really walking under Disney's railroad tracks toward a soundstage-like building outside of the park. The stretching room is really an elevator that takes you underground into this soundstage.
  • Disneyland used to have its own postmark so when you mailed a postcard on Main St., your recipient knew it had been mailed from Disneyland. (It no longer does.) Main Street also used to have a bank you could open an account in and a printing press that published an actual newspaper.
  • Disneyland is open 365 days a year.
  • Thank you to annual passholder Lauren of Santa Ana for the next 3 Disneyland trivia tips:
  • The Goofy Water in Toon Town at the gas station is fun to drink at night. (It turns different colors.)
  • There's a Magic Lamp in a store across from the Jungle Cruise. For $1 you can rub the lamp and hear some silly jokes.
Magic Lamp
  • Downtown Disney has fun bands on the weekend evenings.
  • Catch the mini water-and-light show at the Disneyland Hotel. Go to the Fantasia Fountain way in the back of the grounds, beyond the waterfalls.
  • Ask a monorail conductor if you can sit in the very front car. It's a pretty cool experience!
  • You can take a guided tour of Disneyland for $109/person.  Call 714-781-TOUR (8687).  You'll learn about Walt himself, get a look at his apartment, learn all kinds of little-known facts, and get a "free" lunch and souvenirs! 
  • For more Disneyland trivia like which now-famous people used to work humble jobs at the park, see the bottom of the Disneyland Job Tips page.
Grand Californian Hotel
  • On a cold day, head for the Grand Californian Hotel and curl up by their huge outdoor fireplace. It's totally free and you don't need to be a guest staying there. Read more about the Grand on my page or Disneyland's.

More Disneyland trivia to come...

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