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Disneyland Trivia and Fun Tips

Looking for fun? Who isn't? Here you'll find fun Disney facts and Disneyland trivia.

  • The sky over Disneyland in Anaheim and Walt Disney World in Orlando is considered "national defense airspace."  Fly there on purpose and you could be intercepted, interrogated, and prosecuted. 
  • It's a Small World was expected to last 2 years.  It was created for the 1964 New York World's Fair. The composer of the song never imagined it would enjoy its 50th anniversary!
  • There's a basketball court in the Matterhorn. It's a small space at the top of the structure where cast members (aka employees) can rest. Some say there's a ping-pong table too. Others say it's now used as a storage facility.Hidden Mickey on Google Earth (Florida)
  • Matterhorn bobsleds use the bottom 80 feet inside the mountain.  The top 67 is not part of the ride.  
  • Matterhorn bobsleds average 18 mph.
Hidden Mickey
  • There are "hidden Mickeys" scattered throughout the park. Look around: The Mickey Mouse head shape can be found in bushes, formed by buildings, etched in surfaces, and countless other places. There are entire websites and smartphone apps devoted to finding them.
  • There is a pet cemetery near the Haunted Mansion.  While we're on the subject of bones, have you have heard there are real ones on Pirates of the Caribbean?  Well that's not true.
  • Ever feel like it takes longer to walk into Disneyland than it does to leave? That's a trick purposely played on your senses. The Disneyland architects use "forced perspective" on Main Street to make the road going toward Sleeping Beauty's castle seem longer than when you're on your way out. The windows on the second floor of the buildings are smaller than the first, the buildings curve in slightly, and other subtle tricks make the excitement of entering Disneyland seem to last longer.
Main Street
  • Over 200 cats roam the park at night to control mice (wild ones, not Mickey or Minnie) and other vermin. They are purposely feral so that they won't come out while crowds are there.  But look and see if you can spot any! Thanks to Kerry from San Bernadino 
  • A baby was born at Disneyland near Main Street on July 4, 1979. Mickey Mouse presented baby Teresa Salcedo with an offical Disneyland birth certificate. 
  • When the moat around Sleeping Beauty's Castle is dredged, the money retrieved from it is given to charity.
Walt Disney Fun Fact
  • Walt Disney never owned Disneyland. He was the creative genius behind the concept and had stock in the company, but he never owned a controlling share.
  • Having a birthday at Disneyland? Go to City Hall on your way in. They'll give you a personalized sticker to wear which may earn you some special recognition by characters and cast members around the park. 
Club 33 Fun Fact
  • Club 33 is a secret club inside Disneyland. It's at 33 Royal Street by the Blue Bayou and Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You can see it on the way out of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride-- look at the second level of the Blue Bayou restaurant. Club 33 has about 400 members and waiting time for a membership is about 3 years. Membership fees range from $9,500 to $25,000, with annual fees an additional $3-6,000.
  • Fantasmic lasts about 22 minutes and costs $75,000 to produce. This nighttime fireworks-and-water show is held on the Rivers of America twice each night during the peak season and on weekends only during the off-season.

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