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Downtown Disney is an outdoor shopping mall just outside Disneyland.

You don't need a ticket to get into Downtown Disney; anyone can go there. Parking is easy (free for 2 hours) and it's really charming, as outdoor malls go.

It's as clean as Disneyland, music is playing, fountains are bubbling, there are lots of interesting stores--- and plenty of food.

It's as clean as Disneyland, music is playing, fountains are bubbling, there are lots of interesting stores--- and plenty of food.

Most of the restaurants get very crowded for dinner at night, so either make a reservation or plan on an hour wait. The hour wait can be fun since there's plenty to do like get a drink, window shop, play videogames, or just let your kids run around in circles.

Here are some Downtown Disney Menu Samples with prices, in alphabetical order.


Mediterranean-style food, artistically presented and expensively priced.


I hear the food is excellent but I also hear lots of complaints about the wait, the service, and, get this-- children in the restaurant. To these individuals I say, if your dinner priority is an adults-only night, DO avoid Disneyland. It tends to be crowded and full of people more interested in Snow White than snow peas.

See the full Catal menu with prices on their website. Here's a sampling of their menu:

  • Appetizers include Bacon Wrapped Dates for $11, Crispy Calamari for $14, and Tortilla Frites for $11.  TIP: Those same items are available during Happy Hour (3-5pm every day) for way less.  
  • Salads range from $12-16 and include classics like the Wedge or Caesar and also some fun ones like Kale & Strawberries.
  • Entrees include several types of paella ($28-$42) plus basic seafood and meat dishes like New York steak. So this will be a fine dining experience.
    ESPN Zone: Food, Games, & Beer

    ESPN Zone

    Huge sports bar with 175 flat-screen TVs and booths, videogames, and gift store.

    I don't even like sports but I love this place. Look at the picture to the right: As tiny as it is, you can still see how huge those beers are. Read the full Downtown Disney menu description here.



    Ice cream cones, frozen yogurt, sorbet, shakes and smoothies, and coffee drinks.

    Just about anything you order will be delicious, refreshing, and if not a bargain, still under $10.

    In case you wanted to know, my favorite flavor is Dulce de Leche.

    Jamba Juice

    Jamba Juice

    Chilled drinks made from fresh fruit and juices, blended with crushed ice, frozen fruit, or frozen yogurt, and sometimes herbal supplements. They're around $5.

    Some people call them lunch. Personally, I need to chew my meals or it feels like I didn't have one. But I have found they're fantastic for getting vitamins into my kids under the guise of a "treat".

    The Downtown Disney menu is the same as the one at the Jamba Juice right by your house.

    La Brea Bakery

    Pastries, bagels, soups, salads, and sandwiches. The La Brea Downtown Disney menu varies. We like to get breakfast here before going into Disneyland. You order at the counter after dealing with the stress of trying to decide among dozens of tasty-looking items such as pastries, muffins, bagels with fixin's, and more. Their lunch is good too, offering soups, salads, and sandwiches done just right.

    La Brea Bakery

    The line is usually long but it moves at a decent clip and then you can sit outside at one of their many bistro tables under the pretty trees and watch the entrance lines to Disneyland grow.

    It is a pleasant, convenient way to start the day.

    Marceline's Confectionery

    See, this is what I like. A whole store full of sweet things that are not good for you. My favorite is the chocolate and peanut butter covered graham crackers. My kids like the chocolate-covered marshmallows on a stick but oh what a mess when my 2-year-old gets ahold of one.


    I don't have the full Marceline's Downtown Disney menu right now because I ate it.

    A nice alternative to eating dessert at your restaurant. (Not much seating though.)

    Napa Rose

    Upscale, 5-star California cuisine in the beautiful Grand Californian Hotel.

    Napa Rose

    If you want the royal treatment, come here. From the waiter who seeks you out when your table is ready and leads you there (as opposed to yelling your name over a loudspeaker and hoping you'll claw your way through the crowd) to the gorgeous interior, to the menu that changes seasonally, to the wine carefully selected to go with each dish, this is an experience.

    The presentation is artful but the chef doesn't forget that the food has to be good too. Everything tastes how it should and you really do feel like you're in a fine Napa Valley restaurant.

    Napa Rose

    You can get dressed to the nines or wear your jeans. If you can, request to sit at the Chef's table, where you'll get to watch the staff do their food thing.

    Be prepared to spend about $100/person plus $50/person for wine pairing. 

    More on the Grand Californian Hotel here.

    Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria

    Pizza pizza! Fresh-made in their open kitchen and baked in wood-burning ovens. They also have pasta, salad, and more.


    I hear good things about the BBQ pizza, the lasagna, and the calamari.

    For an idea of menu items and prices, see their website.


    Scaled-down, grab-and-go version of Naples Ristorante (above).


    This is my favorite casual lunch place in Downtown Disney and even Disneyland itself. They have premade salads and sandwiches in big refrigerator cases, and also freshly made Italian sandwiches, paninis, and pizza slices served from the counter.

    I don't know if I have magic timing but it never seems very crowded and the staff always looks relaxed. My kids love the pizza. I found it bland but was thrilled my guys found something they liked. I stick with the paninis.

    Ordering and receiving your food is kind of a free-for-all and there's not much seating but it's a good choice for a picnic or for bringing back to your room.

    Rainforest Cafe

    A good place for families with younger kids.

    Rainforest Cafe

    Yes those are elephants in that photo! You may get rained on too.

    Read my review and the full Downtown Disney menu description here.

    Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen

    Jazz Kitchen

    Fun to sit on the balcony and people-watch.  Favorites include the Coconut Shrimp with pineapple dipping sauce ($11), the Pasta Jambalaya ($18), and the Bread Pudding ($11).

    Storytellers Cafe

    "Home-style" food like pizzas, salads, and sandwiches in the Grand Californian Hotel. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Storytellers Cafe

    They describe their food as "home-style" but at my home, nobody's getting Spicy Seared Swordfish for $22. And for lunch, their "sandwich" is really a New York Grilled Steak Sandwich for $20 But this is the Grand Californian Hotel so it shouldn't be a surprise. (You can pay $800/night for a room here. More on the hotel itself here.) And to be fair, they do offer things like a burger or chicken melt for and a good-sized individual pizza you can build yourself.

    They get consistently good reviews from regular people for their food, service, and overall experience, which usually includes Disney characters coming by your table. Their buffet gets good marks too.

    Tortilla Jo's

    Upscale Mexican food with a choice of atmospheres.

    My husband was dying to eat here because he loves Mexican food but he wasn't overly impressed. I liked the sangria.

    Tortilla Jo

    You can view their Downtown Disney menu online but here are some sample offerings:

    • Appetizers like guacamole or nachos (no meat) are $13.
    • The House Salad is $8 and the Tostado Salad with Steak is $17.
    • Main Courses like Carne Asada, Fajitas, and Burritoes range from $18-26.
    • Kids Meals are all Mexican-themed except for the chicken fingers, and cost around $9 each.

    There are several seating areas that all have different feels, so if it's not slam-packed, tell them what you're in the mood for; quiet, lively, fresh air, etc.

    You can also get mojitos and pitchers of margaritas and sangria which always make for a good time. Not so good on the wallet though-- be prepared to shell out $44-$54 for a pitcher of margaritas. 

    They have a Happy Hour M-F 2-5pm with $5 Bud Lights and $8 Margaritas, among other things.

    Uva Bar

    A scaled-down version of Catal, outside.

    Uva Bar

    A cute round open-air bar. My husband and I met friends for a drink here and had a nice relaxing time sipping wine outside near heat lamps (it was November) while our kids played "jungle" in the lush surrounding plants.

    Sample Downtown Disney menu items:

    • Appetizers like flatbreads ($15) or garlic fries ($6)
    • Entrees like the Catal lamb burger are $17 or a steak is $24.

    Wetzel's Pretzels


    Big, soft, warm pretzels and dipping sauces.

    Various flavors such as cinnamon, garlic, or cheese. For something more substantial, you can get a pretzel-wrapped hot dog, which costs about $8. A good snack or kid's meal. (Ok, grown up meal too.)

    That should be enough Downtown Disney menu items to last you the day.

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