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Interactive Map of Disneyland

Disneyland maps are cute and free at the park. But if you're looking for a map of Disneyland that you can interact with-- right now!-- you've found the place.

Click the image below to see where Disneyland has hidden a great little tool. (They don't really hide it. I can just never seem to find it when I want it.)

Maps are up-to-date as of Summer of 2017.

Interactive Map of Disneyland

You'll be able to zoom in and click on rides, restaurants, even restrooms. 

Printable Map of Disneyland

If a hard copy of a map is what you're after, we've got that too. Click the image below for a printable Disneyland map.

You'll find information about attractions, height requirements, dining, restrooms, baby care, lockers, kennels, ATM locations... it's all here.

By the way, why do paper maps never win at poker? Because they always fold.

Interactive Map of California Adventure

Click to zoom in to California Adventure and see all kinds of useful information.

Printable Map of California Adventure

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