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Jan 13, 2010
Ice Cream Meltdown, literally
by: Anonymous

I decided to get an afternoon snack for me and my children (Claire 6, Eli 3), so I laid down the small fortune for 3 Mickey Chocolate covered ice creams. Strolling down the main street of Disney's Hollywood Studios I noticed my son's ice cream was melting pretty fast as he sat in his stroller. I bent down and bit an ear off of his ice cream, first mistake. He had just been licking the outside not knowing there was a refreshing treat hiding inside the chocolate shell. That's when the wailing began, I returned his ice cream to him, giving into the sobbing and stares. At this point this was mistake number two, he looked me straight in the eyes and threw the ice cream down on the ground. My first response was that's $3.50 laying on the ground, I then scooped up the ice cream and threw it in the garbage. This prompted more wailing followed by flailing. This is when I opted for the quickest way out of the park, as I passed many smiling faces entering the park I was exiting with stares of horror. All I could say is "this is not the happiest place on earth right now". As we sat waiting at the bus terminal back to our hotel my daughter who was half way finished with her ice cream says " Eli can have the rest of my ice cream " which in turn ended up being the fix fro the problem at hand. Then on the ride back to the hotel they both took a nap! Moral of story, with young kids, take a break in the afternoon so everyone can enjoy the magic!

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