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Top 10 Disneyland Tips

Top 10 Disneyland Vacation Tips

These top 10 Disneyland tips should help make the most of your trip!

1.  The Best Time to Visit Disneyland Is...

Early September.  School has started and crowds are light.  May is also good-- a bit more crowded than September but not as hot.

Smaller crowds are great BUT if you go when Disneyland is less busy, be aware that:

  • The park hours are shorter
  • More rides may be closed for maintenance
  • Fast Passes may not be offered

2.  Buy Tickets Online.

It's easy and you won't have to wait in line.  I get discount Disneyland tickets from You can print out your tickets from your computer or scan them from your phone.

3.  Know Which Rides Will Be CLOSED.

Know Which Rides Will Be CLOSED

There are few things more disappointing than finding out your (or your child's) favorite ride is CLOSED for refurbishment.  Fortunately Disneyland does publish a list of scheduled maintenance, so you can control for that disaster. 

For a list of rides that are closed for maintenance, call (714) 781-4565, press 1, press 1 again, then press 4. Or to view a list go to the Disneyland Hours Calendar and look for "Closed for Refurbishment".

4.  Don't Drink the Water.


All that walking will make you thirsty. Vending machine water and soft drinks are at least $2.79 each which really adds up. Plus, you can't bring bottles onto rides so you end up throwing most of them away. 

Save big and avoid lines by bringing bottled water.  Or ask for a cup of water at the concessions stand-- it's free.  If you figure your family of 4 each drinks 2 bottles of water a day and you're there for 4 days, you would save nearly $90!!

More money-saving tips here.

5.  You Don't (necessarly) Have to Wait in Line.

Top 10 Disneyland Vacation Tips

Adults with kids don't have to stand in line if the ride is only for the adult.

  • Example 1: If Mom wants to ride Space Mountain but Dad and kids do not, tell the guy working the ride and show him your family. He will let Mom go in a special, shorter line.
  • Example 2: Mom and Dad both want to ride Space Mountain but they have an infant who can't. All 3 wait in line and when they get to the front, tell the staff you want to trade off. Mom rides first while Dad and baby wait; when Mom is done, Dad takes her seat and rides immediately.

6.  Download the Disneyland app.

It's FREE and will tell you ride info such as wait times, height requirements, and accessibility.  You can also see restaurant menus and make reservations, see where the characters will be for meet-n-greets, locate restrooms, learn parade and showtimes, and more. Download it before you go.

Official Disneyland app is free

7. Memorize These 3 Numbers. 

Lines 13, 20, or 21 move fastest at the Disneyland entrance.  Strange but true.

8.  Disneyland is Waiting to Talk to You.

Call Disneyland directly at 714-781-7290 if you have specific questions. You'll get a real person.

Top 10 Disneyland Vacation Tips

9.  Free FastPasses are Free.

Fast Pass

Make sure you know about FastPass. It's a free ticket system within Disneyland that will save you tons of time.  For some reason, many people don't use it, but you will.

10.  The Best Rides for Toddlers Are...

  • It's a Small World
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Casey Jr. Circus Train
  • The Monorail
  • The Railroad

Parents will need to go with their kids on these rides of course. Also, California Adventure has toddler rides in A Bug’s Land which are usually pretty empty. More toddler tips here.

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