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World of Color Tips

World of Color Tips

The World of Color, aka "WoC". What is it? Basically it's an outdoor nighttime water show with fire, fountains, lasers, music, and animated images.

The show is fantastic. However, jockeying for position to view it can be tricky.

WHERE Is World of Color?

  • The World of Color takes place outside at Disney California Adventure Park on the lagoon ("Paradise Bay").
  • The viewing areas are divided into colors (blue, yellow, orange, red, and green). 
  • Some areas are drier than others, meaning you won't get as much mist on you.  My first time, I had a great viewing spot but ended up SOAKED at the end from all the mist.
World of Color TipsCan you tell I am soaked from the mist?

WHEN is World of Color?

  • There are 1 to 3 shows a night.
  • The number of shows and the showtimes vary depending on season.
  • It lasts about 25 minutes.

WHY Should I Go See It?

Is it worth all the standing in line and waiting around?

If you like parades, the answer is YES. If you don't like parades, the answer is still YES because you probably haven't seen anything like it before.

More than "1,000 jets of water form incredible shapes in time to the music as Disney characters come to life on a shimmering veil of mist," as Disney accurately puts it.

World of Color Tips

HOW Do I Get Admission?

  • Get a FastPass that automatically assigns you a viewing area (yellow, blue, or red). The FastPass is free but you will need a valid theme park ticket for admission to Disney California Adventure Park.

  • Eat at one of 3 restaurants for a full dining and premium viewing experience (more on that below).


  • Book a dessert party. For $79/person you get premium seating, dessert and drinks. Read Heather Siever's complete review with photos at Disney Food Blog.

How Do I Get Good "Seats"?

World of Color TipsIf you can see the bottom of Mickey's Chin, you're in a good position to see World of Color

World of Color VIEWING TIPS

  • The World of Color is standing room only but there are dedicated areas for wheelchairs and a few spots for people who have trouble standing.
  • If you can clearly see the bottom of Mickey’s chin on the Fun Wheel from a center location, you should be able to see most of the major effects (thanks to for that tip!).
  • Rails or ropes are good to stand by so that nobody can get in front of you and obstruct your view.
  • Line up at least 1/2 hour before the time on your FastPass to get a spot at the rail.
  • Lots more detailed viewing tips with pictures are available from this helpful Disney bulletin board post.

Tips For Getting a FastPass:

World of Color TipsFastPasses for World of Color are given out at the Grizzly River Run
  • Go to the Grizzly River Run.  That's where they are given out.
  • Be ready to wait in the FastPass line. During high season it could be an hour.
  • To increase your chances of getting a FastPass (sometimes they run out), get to the Grizzly River Run FastPass machine as soon as the park opens.
  • Secret early entry tip: Even though California Adventure officially opens at 10am, show up at 9:30 and you'll probably get in. You can even get in at 9am if you're staying in one of the 3 Disneyland hotels or eat breakfast at one of the hotels (save your receipt). Use the Grand Californian special entrance.
  • Sometimes you don't even need a FastPass but only for the very late shows. And note I said "sometimes".
  • To skip the wait entirely and still be guaranteed a FastPass, order a picnic meal or make a reservation at one of the restaurants (details follow, read on!)

Can I Eat There?

Yes.  Disneyland offers 3-course meals that come with a reserved spot in the World of Color preferred viewing area.  It's available for lunch and/or dinner and consists of an appetizer, entree, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage.

You can choose from Ariel's Grotto (dinner only), Wine Country Trattoria, or Carthay Circle Restaurant.  Click here for menu and prices.  Definitely reserve before you go, online or by phone.  You can book 60 days in advance. 

Note: For those of you looking for picnic lunches-- they're gone.  (There used to be a picnic lunch you could order off the Disneyland website.  It didn't get you a premium viewing spot but it saved you from having to wait in line for a FastPass.)

World of Color Tips
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