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In Praise of
Disneyland Vacation

Minnie Mouse

These kind vacationers had such nice things to say about, I had to share!

Doug & Denise from Boise, ID

You put a lot of effort into this web site!!! My wife and I are finally getting to take our daughter and two grandkids to Disneyland and she is so looking forward to it. So are her two kids. Because of the work you have done our trip will be fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work and enormous heart for creating this awesome site and sharing.

Bill from Nevada

Thank you for the great info here and for an amazing website! Having read through this often for our family trips to Disneyland, it makes my family feel like Dad knows a few things as if I were an insider. Keep up the spectacular stuff you're doing!

mickey mouse laughing

Katherine from British Columbia, Canada

Wow, I've just barely started going through your site and already I've found lots of great tips! ... I'd better go now so I can keep looking through your great website! Thanks for doing this!

Keith from Saskatchewan, Canada

THANKS KATHY!! [I] really love you site. I know it has saved us money setting up our trip and all of your tips will make our vacation extra special! We will let you know how much fun we have!

Mary (no location)

Thanks so much for this web site. It is so helpful. I wish I would have had this during our previous trips to Disneyland. I will pass it along. THANKS AGAIN!

Heather from Glendale, AZ

Wow, what an amazing website! The info and tips you've provided will surely set us on the right course as we prepare for our trip to Disneyland. I thank you for the time and effort you put into compiling this informational site. I'll be sure to tell others about it. I've already bookmarked it just so I can keep coming back and reviewing everything in depth.

Lisa from Jersey City, NJ

I'm so glad to have discovered your site! ... I've been searching on the Web and in bookstores for months for travel tips on Disneyland, and yours is the first place to give me more than the standard PR lines.

Stephanie from Mesa, Washington

I just wanted to say thanks, thanks, thanks, for your website. We're trying to plan a trip for our family to go in March before my husband leaves to Iraq for his second tour, and your website is soooooooo helpful. I havn't even got past the Top 10 Tips, and I was so excited I had to write to you and let you know. THANKS!!!

Merilee from Kingman, AZ

We love your site and really appreciate the time you took to share all the great tips. I will be sure to direct friends and family members your way when planning a Disneyland trip. :o)

Sheri (no location)

I just wanted to thank you for this website. I perused MANY before I ran across this one, and I found it very helpful. We are somewhat seasoned Disneyland travelers but were happy to learn some things we did not know. We had a wonderful, magical time, and your suggestions were great. Thank you for sharing!

Jane from the U.S.

Your site is great -- so much info! ... You've given me some valuable info! Thanks!

Kelly from Glendale, AZ

This is a very helpful site. Thank you so much for your insight. My family and I love Disneyland as well and visit every year. This year we have a toddler and your tips will come in very handy I'm sure. Thanks again! Great Job!

Janis from Sandpoint, ID

Thank You for your wonderful website. I have enjoyed reading every word as we prepare for trip to the happiest place next week!

Ted from Moraga, CA

[We] totally dig the info you've provided here. Awesome work! Thanks!


Pia from Vancouver, Canada

Your helpful advice and selfless concern for others has saved me hundreds of dollars and hours of my time to plan my dream Disneyland Vacation. THANK YOU!

Paula from Agassiz, BC, Canada

Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for this great site! ... I am definitely bookmarking this site!

Will from California

Thanks for having this site, it was super helpful. The stuff about the lines is really true-- lines 13, 20, and 21 do move faster for some reason.

Cindy from Clovis, CA

I absolutely LOVE your site....AND your thank you notes site. I'm sharing both with all my friends.

Marsha from Pleasant Hill, CA

Just wanted to say thanks you for this awesome Web site. I found it so very useful!

From James (no location)

This was absolutely the best and most helpful website. All of the key information logically organized and presented. very effective. THANKS!

Ann from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for your insight...I've found your tips to be so helpful!!!

Angela from Monte Vista, Colorado

THANKS A BUNCH!! Your website is soooo AWESOME! I am now prepared for our week vacation. You covered so many things I never even thought of. ...I appreciate all the advice you have given.

Keep up the good work, I have recomended your website to many family members & friends.

Gaspar from Van Nuys, CA

Love your site!! ... Your tips have helped a lot. Thanks for your dedication.

Mick from Sydney, Australia

Great website.....a lot of parents would thank you I am sure.

Heather from Chico, California

Thank you so much for this website. I have used it several times for good Disney info and have referred countless people to it-- it seems you have taken the best info out there and compiled it into one page. Thank you for your efforts!

Vanica (no location)

This was the most helpful site I've found that's not "officially" Disney, and I've been looking for months. Love the tips. Thanks!

Cheri from Alberta, Canada

Thank-you very much for this great website. It is very informative, and a great resource.

Trish from Roseville, California

I love your website, and can't stop reading it.

Julie from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My husband & I love your website and found it very useful! Thanks!

Nathan from St. George, Utah

I have you bookmarked for more visits and informational searches for getting the "best information".

Nancy (no location)

Your website is AWESOME!!! Thanks. I've been to Disneyland a dozen times but can't remember everything I've learned each time. It's amazing that you have included everything in one place.

Kristie from Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

I came across your website before we went to Disneyland Anaheim this past week and i found it REALLY helpful! Your tips were terrific and your advice about fast passes saved us from getting frustrated. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information!

Courtney from Sacramento, California

I just want to say thank you so much for your tips. I'm only 15 ...These were logical, well-organized, tips that I'm definitely planning on using on our trip next month. I'm usually sort of like the fussy hen in my family because of how much I love Disneyland. Hopefully with your tips I won't be so fussy this time. :)


Heidi from Blackfoot ID

Thank you for this website. I am planning on taking my three sons and husband to Disneyland for their first time. It has been extremely overwhelming trying to figure out everything and I have found your website very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. Hopefully, I will have my vacation planned soon.

Cindy (no location)

I cannot begin to thank you for your site. It made a huge difference in planning and anticipation of our trip. Your site is definitely a "Favorite."

Bee from Seattle, WA

Thank you so much ... So helpful and frank with all of the info. I will definitely tell more folks about this site.

Corrie from Mesa, AZ

Thank you so much for your information... Your website is unbelievable. I've sent several people to it.

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