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I had a map of Disneyland hotels before I went to Disneyland, but somehow none of them really told me what I wanted to know, such as the layout of the parks in relation to the streets surrounding them. Here's what I learned.

Map of Nearby Disneyland Hotels
Same Map Closer, Satellite View

Map of Nearby Disneyland Hotels

The first thing to notice on this map of Disneyland hotels is where Disneyland is! It takes up that whole block between W. Ball Road and W. Katella Avenue, with S. Harbor Boulevard and S. Walnut Street on each side. California Adventure is right next to it.

TIP: Online mapping tools will point out Disneyland’s mailing address which is far from their entrance. Notice the entrance is closer to S. Harbor Boulevard than Walnut, which is the opposite impression you may get by looking on a map.

Off-Property Hotels

Also notice on the map of Disneyland hotels, Howard Johnson’s and the Camelot Inn really are across the street from Disneyland. (For more on these hotels, see Hotels Near Disneyland.)

To give you an idea of scale, the Camelot Inn is only about 20 feet closer to the entrance than Howard Johnson’s. The Candy Cane Inn is about 200 feet farther than the Camelot, but that’s still very close. (Something else to note about the Candy Cane is that it’s on the same side of the street as Disneyland. It’s nice to not have to wait for traffic lights or drag toddlers across busy W. Katella Avenue.)

On-Property Hotels

You can also see that the on-property hotels are right inside the park. The actual park entrance is still a bit of a walk but you’ll be walking through Downtown Disney, which is free of cars and a really cute little area.

Another deceiving thing about many maps is where the Grand Californian is in relation to the park entrance. It may not appear to be but it really is the closest hotel to the park entrance.

TIP: If you’re staying in the Paradise Pier, you can cut through the Grand Californian and save a good amount of walking time. You’ll be making diagonal path to Disneyland instead of following the roads up and over.

Map Closer, Satellite View

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