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Parking for Disneyland:
What You Should Know

When parking for Disneyland, you are subconsciously forming your first impression of the happiest place on earth. You are so close to the happiness!

But wait, you must first ditch your car and herd your family into the park. How difficult will this be? How long will it take? And oh boy, what will it cost?

Prices: What Does It Cost?

Prices are as of February 2017. 

  • $18.00 for Cars and motorcycles
  • $23.00 for Oversized vehicles, motor homes and tractors without trailers (what? tractors?)
  • $28.00 for Buses and tractors with extended trailers

You can pay with cash (up to $100), credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB and Diner's Club, Disney Reward Visa), Disney Gift Cards, Disney Dollars, and pre-paid parking vouchers.

Preferred Parking at Mickey & Friends Parking Structure

You can also park in the "Preferred Parking", which is close to escalators and elevators.  When you get to the main lot (Mickey & Friends), tell them you want Preferred Parking and they will show you where to go.  It's first come, first serve.  It costs $35/day for cars. 

If you've already prepaid for parking, you can upgrade to Preferred Parking for $17.

Where to Park

Your options are the same whether you're going to Disneyland or California Adventure.  And all lots cost the same.

Disneyland Parking Tips

1) The Mickey & Friends lot

This is the main lot.  It has a ramp from the freeway straight to the parking structure which is nice.

  • Oversized vehicles should park here.  The height limit is 13'10".
  • Electric vehicles can find charging stations here.  To use a port, you will need to scan a ChargePoint card.  I assume you know what that is.  (I don't.)
Disneyland Parking TipsMickey & Friends Lot

2) The Toy Story lot.

It feels farther but people say it's actually quicker to park here.  Air-conditioned shuttle buses take you to Disneyland, as opposed to open-air trams, so that's another perk.  Two things to note though: 1) There is no covered parking 2) I did not see any restrooms.

Disneyland Parking TipsToy Story Parking Lot Bus

3) The Pumbaa lot

This is the overflow lot.  It's on Disney Way near Harbor.  Buses will take you to Disneyland but they might not look all Disneyland-y like the Toy Story Lot buses.  No covered parking here either. 

Disneyland Parking TipsPumbaa Parking Lot

No matter where you park, remember to take a picture of the nearest parking sign with your phone. Sure you think you'll remember, but after hours of extreme sights, sounds, and sensations, the parking sign most likely will be erased from your memory.

When to Park

  • Parking structures open 1 hour prior to the scheduled opening time of the parks. 
  • On "Magic Morning" Early Admission days, the Mickey & Friends parking structure opens 90 minutes before the published Disneyland park opening time.
  • There is no overnight parking.

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney Parking

Downtown Disney, the shopping area adjacent to the theme park, used to be a parking bargain.  Now I wouldn't exactly call it a bargain but it's not bad.

  • It's free for 2 hours (I know, it used to be 3!)
  • After that, you get another 2 hours free with validation from the movie theater and/or any of the sit-down restaurants.
  • Still not done? Now you pay $6 per 30 minutes, maxing out at $36.00.
  • Valet parking is $12.00, available from 5pm – 2am. It maxes out at $48. The valet price is on top of the parking fee.

There is also a free drop-off/pick-up area on the west side of Harbor Boulevard, north of Disney Way and south of Manchester Avenue. Some people like to send dad back to the parking structure to fetch the car, then have him pick up the family here.  But be quick-- no parking or waiting of any kind is allowed there.

Here's wishing you good parking for Disneyland karma.

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