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Hotels By Disneyland

There are 3 on-property hotels by Disneyland:
The Disneyland Hotel
Disney's Grand Californian
Paradise Pier

You can save quite a bit by staying at one of the many other hotels nearby.
See My 5 Favorites.

Camping near Disneyland is like 2 trips in 1!  Here's a list of the RV parks in Anaheim.

Get real bang for your buck by renting a home right by Disneyland.

Hotels by DisneylandWhat Are Disneyland Hotels?

What are Disneyland hotels? 
Disneyland hotels are the Disneyland owned and operated hotels located on Disneyland property. They include:

  • The Grand Californian
  • The Paradise Pier
  • The Disneyland Hotel 

Why stay at one of them? 
Basically, you're getting the full Disneyland experience by staying at one of the "on-property" hotels by Disneyland.  For information about off-property hotels, see Other Hotels.

3 reasons to stay On Property:

  1. You'll never leave the magic of Disneyland. Your hotel will be Disney-themed, your food will be Disney-themed. You will stir your coffee with Disney stirring sticks, your shampoo will have Mouse Ears. To get to Disneyland, you'll walk through Downtown Disney where music is playing, kids are happily spinning in circles, birds are chirping, the scent of something delicious hangs in the air, everyone is holding hands, and everything is impossibly clean.
  2. If you have young children you can easily return to the room during the day for naps, clothes changes, etc.
  3. Any purchases made at Disneyland can be delivered to your room. That may sound small but it's a big help.

Which Disneyland Hotel Should You Choose?

1. Disney's Grand Californian

Disney's Grand Californian
Disney's Grand Californian

For the most amazing Disney experience, book Disney's Grand Californian

"The Grand" is the most upscale of all the hotels by Disneyland. It has a rich, swanky feel, a 5-star restaurant, a private entrance to California Adventure and Downtown Disney, gorgeous pools, a full-service spa, Disney bedtime stories, Mickey wake up calls, and more. It's expensive but you'll feel like royalty.

2. The Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel
Disneyland Hotel

Recently remodeled, the Disneyland Hotel is more traditional Disney-themed than the Grand.

If you're not planning to use the Grand's upscale dining or spa features and enjoy more kid-oriented features like the pool, and want to spend (a little) less money, stay here. It's very close to Disneyland and you'll still get Disney-themed everything. It has a great pool with a pirate ship, slide, and hot tub that kids would prefer over the Grand's any day.  Dine at Goofy's Kitchen for a great buffet and personal meet-n-greets with Disney characters at your table.

3.  The Paradise Pier

Paradise Pier
Paradise Pier

To spend the least amount and still be on-property, choose Paradise Pier.

It's the least expensive on-property hotel and closer than any off-property hotel. It has a pool with a waterslide and of course you'll get that Disneyland charm, with a big Goofy statue in the lobby and such. The rooms are clean and comfortable and many have a view of the California Adventure Park, which is especially pretty at night.

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