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Disneyland Savings:
8 Things To BUy Before You Go
and Where to Get Them

Disneyland savings tips here!  Buy the following 8 items before you go to Disneyland and you will save a TON.  I still buy souvenirs at the park, but it's nice to get some of these "Disney basics" ahead of time for a fraction of the cost.

I like to save (hide) them until we are on our trip and then gift them at random times during the vacation.  I also like having my Mickey T ready to wear on Day 1. 

Here are my top 8 things to buy before I go to Disneyland.

1. Disney Clothing - Biggest Disneyland Savings

This is my top choice for things to buy before you go to Disneyland because it results in the biggest savings.  I like to buy from Amazon because there's a huge selection, plus it's easy to meet the minimum charge for free shipping if you don't already get it with Amazon Prime. 

Amazon has a great selection of Disney-themed stuff.  Here are my favorites:

Classic Mickey Mouse t-shirts (women's, men's, kids)

Disneyland Savings Tips - Get Disney-themed clothes online before you go

Disney themed hats

Disneyland Savings Tips - Get Disney-themed clothes online before you go

Princess Pajamas and other Disney themed sleepwear

Disneyland Savings Tips - Get Disney-themed clothes online before you go

2. Princess Dress

If you are bringing along a little princess, buying her a costume ahead of time will save you a fortune.  Amazon totally has your back for princess gear.

Only kids 9 and under are allowed to wear costumes into the park however.

Disneyland Savings Tips - Buy a princess dress before you go

3. Mouse Ears

Disneyland Savings Tips - Did you know you can buy mouse ears ahead of time and save big $$?

You'll certainly want some iconic mouse ears right?  Since you probably won't be wearing them around town after your trip to Disneyland though, saving a few bucks on these would be nice. 

Luckily they're yet another thing you can purchase online.

4. Mister Fan

Disneyland Savings - Buy misting fans before you go to stay cool and spend way less than park prices.

If you're at Disneyland during the summer or even spring, you will love these.  They're fans that blow mist on you and really do a great job of cooling you (and your babies) down. 

They are sold all over the park for over $20 so buy them here and now for big Disneyland savings.

5. Disney Light Chaser

You will see these light up toys all over the park.  They're fun to have at night during the parades and such.  Save big by buying them online.

Disneyland Savings - Light Up Toys

6. Waterproof Phone Case

For water rides, this waterproof phone case is awesome. You can wear it around your neck. I have even taken it in the pool before. Super cheap online and good to have for the rest of the summer.

7. Snacks

Disneyland Savings Tips - Buy GOOD snacks before you go, not the everyday good-for-you ones.

You don't want a cranky child anywhere (or adult for that matter), but especially not at Disneyland.  Lines, crowds, heat, strangers... a person could really use a snack to handle these hurdles gracefully.  Sure you can buy them around the park, but that means more lines and of course more money.

So I like to buy some snacks that my kids don't get every day to make them more special.  It's easier to distract them from the big-ticket munchies with items you know they like but don't get at home much.  (Hint: Hostess anything cheers up anyone, paired with a pack of nuts for a little staying power.)

8. Sunscreen

I really hate buying sunscreen to begin with; I certainly don't want to pay extra for it.  If you are afraid of it blowing up in your bag, check out this super cool highly-rated powder version.

Disneyland Savings Tips - Buy sunscreen before you go.  Powder sunscreen is my favorite for traveling.

What are your favorite tips for big Disneyland savings?

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