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Rainforest Cafe, 1515 S Disneyland Dr., Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 772-0413 http://www.RainforestCafe.com

House of Blues Downtown Disney
Rain Forest Cafe Downtown Disney. It's a jungle theme, with life-sized animals (some that move), hanging vines, sound effects, and surprise, a gift shop full of jungly things.

The Rain Forest Cafe is part of a chain and I must admit the service at the Anaheim one isn't the best and here's why:

On my son's 3rd birthday the waitress said she'd bring him a special dessert but forgot, dropping off our check and dashing away instead. By the time I found her to remind her, she just apologized but did not offer to get a dessert, and by that time it was so late we didn't press it. Not a tragedy but not impressive. You'd think any restaurant near Disneyland would have the birthday thing down.

The food is not bad and not too expensive. There's something for everyone--Indian, Asian, Mexican, Carribbean, Italian dishes, and more. I don't have prices offhand but dinner for 2 adults and 2 kids ran us about $70, without liquor. They do have a kid's menu. They serve the same chicken dinos that you get from Costco. My kids were happy about that but for some reason I wasn't.

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