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Disneyland Summer Tips

Disneyland Summer Tips

At Disneyland summer is great: Longer hours, lots of water-ride fun... and lots of sunshine. Here's how to work with the California sun.

Bring Misters.

Disneyland Summer Tips: Misters
They are squirt bottles with battery-operated fans that really take the edge off the heat.

Disneyland sells them for around $20 but you can get them on Amazon or Home Depot for under $8. Buy 4 and you'll save nearly fifty bucks. Now that's a cool tip!

Bring a Sweatshirt.

What? But it's so hot.

True, but when the sun goes down it cools off considerably. And if your clothes got wet on the log ride, you'll be cold. Stash it in the lockers outside the entrance if you don't like the tied-around-the-waist look.

Maybe even buy a cute Disney Mickey Mouse Hoodie on Amazon before you go and avoid the Disneyland prices.

Disneyland Summer Tip: Bring Ice Packs

Disneyland Summer Tips: Ice Packs

Found at drugstores, they're thin, flexible ice packs meant for icing an injury and hold the cold a long time.

Freeze them and put them in your fanny pack or behind your toddler's back while he sits in his stroller. Keep them in your hotel's mini freezer overnight.

Bring Clip-On Fans for Strollers.

Disneyland Summer Tips: Fan

Attach to your child's stroller. 

Get Frozen

Disneyland Summer Tips

One of my favorite Disneyland summer tips: See Anna and Elsa live at at the Hyperion Theater in California Adventure in Hollywood Land. It's a great show AND it's 40 minutes of air-conditioning in comfortable seats.  Read more tips about Frozen Live

Take Advantage of Air Conditioned Stores.

Disneyland Summer Tips: A/C

Walk through souvenir shops instead of battling the sweaty crowds on the sidewalks. On Main Street and in Frontierland, the stores are air-conditioned and connected.

Bring Sunscreen.

Disneyland Summer Tips: Sunscreen

The only thing worse than being hot and sweaty is being sunburned, hot, and sweaty. The Southern California sun is powerful!

Bring a Hat.

Not a hat-wearer? You will be after half a day at Disneyland in July. Just be careful with it on the fast rides.  I love my Monsters University one.

Sunglasses are a must too, of course.

Take a Dip in Your Pool.

Disneyland Summer Tips: Pool

Here's when it's really worth it to stay at an on-property hotel: When you can take midday dip in the pool, then towel off and head back to the park refreshed and ready for more.  Disneyland summer time at its best.

Head over to the Splashground at California Adventure.

Disneyland Summer Tips: Splashground

Take your cranky sweaty little ones to Princess Dot Puddle Park in the Bug's Life portion of California Adventure

Drink Water.

Disneyland Summer Tips: Water

Duh, right?  But sometimes we are having so much fun that we forget to hydrate, and then it's hard to catch up.  So bring bottled water with you and make sure and have everyone take sips regularly.

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Disneyland tips

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